13FT M-Series Container

The M-Series represents our contemporary collection, crafted with a tighter corrugated steel wall to achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic. This line is available in six different sizes: 3.5FT, 7FT, 10FT, 13FT, 16FT, and 20FT. The assembly is simplified with our quick bolt-together system. Whether for residential or commercial use, the modern series showcases an innovative design while retaining the same functionalities as the S-Series. Key Features:
  • Quick Bolt-Together Design
  • Container Options
Customization Choices:
  • Powder Coating in Various Colors
  • Elite Self-Storage Lock, Security Bar, Shelving
  • Connector Kits for Side Linking and End Linking
  • Windows
  • Multiple Flooring Options (OSB-3 Floor Board, Marine Plywood, Diamond Plate)

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